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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on the Back of Thighs (with Pictures)

How does leg fat develop? Read on for three ways to reduce your leg fat and tone your legs. This allows your body to use fat as your energy source!

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To give your thigh fat the boot, it's far more effective to take a whole body approach that improves your overall fitness than trying to target your efforts to the offending area. Step 3 Incorporate sprints to keep your body guessing and burn fat.

However, your low-calorie diet still needs to provide the building blocks your body needs to perform basic maintenance, particularly the essential amino acids you get by consuming protein. Squat exercises are the fastest and most surefire route to a firm, lifted butt and toned legs. This Fat Blaster workout includes an instructional how to lose fat in your back thighs, workout tracker, and follow-along audio.

Throwing Fat on the Fire

Below, we've rounded up seven things you should know before embarking on your journey to the Land of Perfect Pins. Squats are also hugely beneficial for burning fat since they recruit ALL of your lower body and core muscles.

Diet Step 1 Reduce your normal, needed caloric intake by 3, calories per week, or calories per day, to lose 1 lb.

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Step-ups are like doing 1-leg squats. There are several variations of this exercise, which strengthens the back of the thighs, and it's a good idea to rotate them.

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This can eventually lead to lower back problems. So when you set out on your journey to the Land of Skinnier Skinny Jeans, just remember that even a pair of very slim thighs might still meet in the middle. Need I say more? Tip Drink plenty of water.

How to Lose Leg Fat

Do aerobic g force fat burners The first step to burning overall body fat is aerobic exercise. Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat, so building muscle sets your body up to stay leaner in the long run.

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Actually, this exercise might… 2. One of these areas, for women in particular, is the upper back thigh. Once again, if you want glutes of steel, a solid lower back, and a fit body, then deadlifts are a must.

3 Ways to Lose Upper Thigh Weight - wikiHow

In fact, many Eastern bloc powerlifters have moved away from exclusively doing back squats to doing more step-ups because of how beneficial they are for developing single leg strength. Lunges target both the gluteus and the thighs.

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Press back up to your starting position. The Can l glutamine help with weight loss College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week. High Intensity Interval Training has been shown more effective for fat reduction than conventional aerobic exercise.

1. Do aerobic exercise

There's a lot of variation in HIIT protocols, and it's really a matter of experimenting until you find the combinations that work for you. Instead, the 7 leg strengthening exercises in this post will challenge ALL of your lower body muscles and force them to work in unison to stabilize your body and generate force.

  • Yet another amazing leg exercise that targets the entire backside of your body, which means stronger and firmer glutes, hamstrings, and low back muscles.
  • Lose weight in a healthy way at a measured pace and excess fat will gradually dissolve as your whole body composition becomes leaner.
  • Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat, so building muscle sets your body up to stay leaner in the long run.

Add a round of this exercise to your workout routine for a flattering and noticeable change in your physique. Squats Without a doubt, squats are the most fundamental lower body exercise. Plan a running route that allows you to push your body up a hill every so often if outdoors.

This will strengthen and sculpt the back of your legs. Calf Raises Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. Throwing Fat on the Fire You can't target how to lose fat in your back thighs particular area for fat reduction -- not by doing particular exercises and not by eating a particular way.

So does all of this info mean it's time to give up your dream of gorgeous gams?

How to Get Rid of Fat on the Back of the Leg

If you are not at a healthy BMI, a proportionate body and toned lower body will be immensely difficult, so focus on this important basic element first. Time may play a role, too. In short, if you want slimmer legs, you may have to lose a significant amount of weight from other parts of your body before the fat stores in your hips, thighs, or calves get their turn.

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High Intensity Interval Training HIIT is a method of exercise in which bursts of intensive effort -- usually in aerobic exercise -- are followed by a usually longer period of rest or at least an interval of considerably less effort. Lose weight in a healthy way at a measured pace and excess fat will gradually dissolve as your whole body composition becomes leaner.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Lunges are among the most comprehensive leg workouts because they tone the quads and the hamstrings while also slimming the inner thighs and buttocks. Remember, the more muscle working, the more calories you burn!

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For example, eat an apple or pear rather than cookies or potato chips as a snack, and have a fresh garden salad with your lunch instead of French fries. As with weight loss, getting the legs you want takes time and consistency.

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That's bad news if you're looking to slim down, particularly on your bottom half; muscle is a major calorie-burner, which means that losing mass in your biggest muscle groups the quads, hamstrings, and glutes can really slow your metabolism, making it much harder to lose weight.

If you're not eating enough protein-rich foods like meats, fish, cheese, and beans, your body will cannibalize its own meat — as in, your muscles — to get the nutrients it needs.

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Step 4 Push through your feet to return to standing position. Body-weight squats work the whole enchilada from your butt to your shins. Step your right leg forward, left leg back, and bend your right leg at the knee, creating a degree angle.

While it is impossible to target weight loss to one particular body part, there are specific exercises that you can do to firm and tone legs, which ultimately leads to a smaller, slimmer lower body.

Try This Sample Lower Body Workout

Complete your desired number of repetitions reps and then switch legs. I would have to say that the glute-ham raises will make you realize exactly how weak or strong your hamstrings really are. If slimming down an individual body part were possible, this kind of targeted exercise would certainly do the trick. Leg fat may be comprised of different types of fat cells: Diet and exercise alone might not be enough Shutterstock As a woman, around ten percent of your total mass is made up of essential fat — so-called because it's, y'know, essential.

Reducing your calorie intake is the first step to take because your body will naturally utilize excess fat as its next energy source. View Full Profile Fat on the upper thighs can be a stubborn thing.

Enormous amounts of research have been devoted to exploring the concept of spot-specific fat loss in a specific area.

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Glute-Ham Raises A lot of people sit all day and as a result have weak and tight hamstrings. There are numerous diet plans out there, but in general, extreme diets don't work in the long run. The best diet weight loss with healthy diet one you can stick with, assuming it involves lean protein, whole grains and lots of vegetables. Yes, yes, and yes!

Place your hands on your hips. He is currently collaborating on a book about digital addiction to be published in the UK this December.

Abdominal and Back Exercises : Exercise That Helps With Abs & Back Fat

If you want to tone thighs and firm the glutes, walk at an incline to achieve both. For the thighs, hamstring curls are a good place to start.

How does leg fat develop?

You probably won't be surprised to learn that fat deposits in the thighs have been associated with aging. Complete three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions to tone and sculpt your hamstrings and butt. Other at-home strengthening exercises include: