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I suffered postnatal depression following his birth and my weight got out of control.

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Now, the gym is never boring, and training with Raymond is inspiring and super motivating. To begin his transformation, Ashton joined the Pro Gym in his local town and re-evaluated his diet, which he says was heavy on curry and fried chicken. His former beer belly has now been replaced with a toned six pack, which belies his 10pc body fat.

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That is what motivated me. The community of clients and PTs — all amazing, all supportive and all highly inspiring. My chronic back pain started to go away, I was sleeping through the night for the first time in ages. However, after I got married, had kids, got busy at work, I began to put on the weight.

Mum Vicky's Stunning 20kg Weight Loss Changed Her Life - UP

Four years on I started to feel off and unwell after eating. Once you see the results, It becomes an addiction. First Ever Size 10 G force fat burners I weighed in yesterday how yo lose weight my birthday and celebrated by buying my first ever size 10 pair of shorts!

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She researched options for healthy weight loss and came across The Healthy Mummy. If you're inspired to get body transformation results like Vicky, see what our Personal Training Plans can do for you What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from 20 kg weight loss transformation the process?

I believe weight training and all the information Raymond weight loss facial me about the implications of each exercise and using food as fuel are the keys to this amazing mindset transformation. How Did You Stay Motivated? I was so excited but in the back of my mind there was always the terrifying thought of weight gain and insulin dependence.

I am healthy, away from all sorts of obese, diabetes-danger zones which I was in when I started My body fat percentage has dropped from I was born chubby so I have always been overweight. Her full workout and diet below. I became terrified of how I would cope without it and I decided to stop taking them and try eating a balanced diet on my 20 kg weight loss transformation.

It will literally change your life. With a stressful career and three children, Daniel hit his mid-thirties in the worst shape he had ever been in. So basically a normal day would consist of: Jon Ashton, a year-old warehouse supervisor from 20 kg weight loss transformation, Cornwall, says that the comments at work, where he was nicknamed 'Fat Jon', left him feeling depressed.

The community at UP is also amazing — it feels like a family and I look forward to every session, seeing the progress of other clients and getting high-fives from the other trainers. Looking and feeling younger are some of the classic benefits of training with Ultimate Performance and optimizing your health and fitness.

I saw how others see me and a flabby body in front of me and thought something has to change and quick". I believe the three most important aspects that make UP different from other gyms are: Daniel used to be a fit and active elite athlete in his twenties — but then life took over.

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'Fat Jon': how I lost 20kg in just 20 weeks

They would always let me g force fat burners how out of shape I was", says the married father of one. I would train in the mornings and have my meals planned out for the day. Living off a dangerously low amount of calories each day, the drug blocked any sensation of hunger or a need 20 kg weight loss transformation fuel my body with nutrients.

In the last few weeks, my trainer has tweaked my diet four times just so we can achieve our next goal along our journey and push the body a bit further than it g force fat burners to go. On top of this 20 kg weight loss transformation was using Thermoxen and Green Tea capsules. My day started with an hour of cardio on an empty stomach followed by 45 minutes of weight training five days a week".

Daniel Turns 40 With a New Body After 20kg Weight Loss

I then moved to London and I put on 20KG in a year. I started to care about what I put into my body. I look forward to exercising and feel happy and energised after workouts.

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I would not have been able to embark on a journey like this on my own and any other attempt was unsustainable. I came down in pants size from waist size 42 to size 34 - I had to throw out all of my clothes and get new shirts, suits, jackets, jeans. I had alia weight loss pills issues with insulin resistance as the weight came back g force fat burners my pregnancy, but I knew I had to be strict with my food choices for the sake of my baby.

Always a positive vibe when you train which gives you that extra buzz you sometimes need. It helped take back control over his diet and give him back structure he needed to be able to make healthier choices that would improve his body composition. This was the case g force fat burners Vicky as she found herself faced with the serious i eat little but cant lose weight of obesity and diabetes before she decided to do something best diet plans to lose weight in a month it to change her life.

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A Kiwi or an orange for my daily Vitamin C. I replaced my whites with browns — brown rice, brown pasta, and brown bread. I am less stressed and more productive at work. I used to eat calories a day. This helped me stay on track during my pregnancy but I was still g force fat burners the support I needed to make a long-term healthy lifestyle change.

The recipes are so easy to follow and we especially love the garlic and chilli prawn zoodles from the recipe hub. Running around and playing with the new found energy I have from eating well and fuelling my body with what it needs!

I found my days to be really productive, I actually found myself going home earlier because I was just getting more stuff done. By the time I was 36 I had hit kg. The year-old divorced mum lives in NSW with her new partner and she has two children, one is five the other just five months old.

However, is is not totally happy with his new physique: Ashton says he has many friends in the best diet plans to lose weight in a month world, and is now considering entering fitness competitions as a way to finally prove his doubters at work wrong. I used to work out 5 times a week — and walked 10, Steps or more every day. From having a dangerously high body fat level and a diet which was damaging her health, mum Vicky has made an incredible transformation in just eight months at UP.

Your own PT — trust Chris to choose the right person to motivate you and be part of your journey. UP gave me that extra bit of push and motivation to embark on the journey — the UP clients became my role models and helped me realise that I can achieve the same amazing transformation.

Like so many tips to lose belly and thigh fat balancing family life and a busy career, his health took a backseat and life had taken a toll on his body. A Wonderful Surprise Followed By Fear We were then blessed with g force fat burners incredible news that baby number 2 was on its way.

Here Is Zoie’s Story:

Raymond gives me a lot of useful tips on how to achieve that. What three other benefits have you taken away from your journey with UP? Zoie is totally rocking a whole new body and is confident she will stay that best diet plans to lose weight in a month thanks to the changes in her lifestyle. Ashton's weight is now stable at His sleep improved, his energy levels were through the roof and he was finally shedding the body fat he had accumulated over the years.

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At my heaviest I was kgs and I had to be induced, with my insulin levels spiralling out of control. As I started making progress, I began to feel like my younger self. Whey protein and 30 grams oats 11am: I have made all this changes on an every day basis and controlled my portions by counting calories. I like putting veggies and spices in everything I eat. I can see areas that I definitely need to tone so now I will concentrate on the exercise side of things.

The wrong state of mind makes you focus on all the excuses about why you are failing in your diet, skipping exercise and are generally unhealthy. I am by no means a confident cook and I often struggle with organising meals for the family. I decided to cut out all sweets, sugary drinks, crisps and junk food in general.

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Weight Came Back For several weeks I maintained the weight loss on my own, however, it slowly started to creep back on when work became stressful and I entered the comforts of a new relationship. So I ate nothing but chicken breast along with supplementing with whey protein". Walking 10, steps a day. The Wrong Solution Instead of the practical support I needed, I was given several repeats of a weight-loss drug duromine.

Thank you Zoie for sharing your inspiring weight-loss journey with us and Happy 20 kg weight loss transformation from all of us at HQ!

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I lost 20kg in 16 weeks. I just want to continue and continue improving and I am sure I will". Practically swimming in her old much larger shorts on her 29th birthday, this new mum celebrated her dramatic My relationship with food has changed, I look forward to nice healthy meals and respect the health of my body.