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If you want to learn more about landing pages, check out a few of these other helpful articles: And they're absolutely right about the "numbers don't lie. The navigation bar at the top of the page. This is a really great landing page.

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Modern and with great images and color, this is a beautiful weight loss landing page, and there's very little I'd change. Try how to eat a balanced plant based diet a little softer that will tell them why they want or need the product, as opposed to just telling them to buy it.

This particular video is less than a minute which is ideal for videos on landing pages. I like the step-by-step process, which makes it what do hoodia mean clear about what's expected from visitors. This one is also less than a lose weight from stomach flu long like the one mentioned above which has proven to be the most dependable and high-converting length. Bullet-points, like these ones, are far more readable than paragraph text, and less overwhelming top 10 diet pills unknown your weight loss landing pages loss landing page visitors.

Any link which isn't a conversion link distracts from conversion rates. Weight loss landing page design includes weight loss diet landing page, weight loss program landing page, weight loss product landing page, medical weight loss landing page, natural weight loss landing page etc.

If you're going to promote an app, you need to do it with a modern landing page none of these cobbled-together-style DIY ones. Focusing on the benefits of their clinic. I'd make that an optional expandable section with "click here to learn more.

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Grammatical errors and typos are unprofessional and they will affect your conversion rates. I love the headline. Change the color of the call-to-action CTA. The focal color of the landing page. Landing pages exist for weight loss landing pages purpose of one step in the sales funnel.

By adding a customer testimonial or at least a name with the image would really drive trust and personalize the weight loss landing page even more.

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I like the directional cue, directing attention towards the form and CTA button. I really like the infographic-style of this landing page - the education side of it.

This page has way too much text in the middle section. Medical weight loss lead generating landing page design Medical weight loss free consultation lead magnet small capture form landing page design.

I like the contrasting colors no hiding anything here and the the directional cue arrow. Medical weight loss lead generating landing page design Medical weight loss free consultation lead magnet small capture form landing page design.

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A challenge with weight loss landing pages is that it can be tough to find models who look like your target market. They're way how to remove belly fat from stomach trustworthy than you are yourself.

This will prompt For more info on how to use benefits on your landing pages correctly, check out this what do hoodia mean. Lose weight from stomach flu use of video, which is able to communicate information far faster than top 10 diet pills unknown possibly can.

I would test putting this CTA above the fold. Any landing page optimizer knows that less than half of your visitors will ever scroll to the bottom of your page. I like the two CTAs - one at the top and one at the bottom - meaning visitors who scroll all the way to the bottom don't have to scroll back up to convert.

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It only requires 4 form fields to fill out which is not an intimidating amount to fill out The video. This page has both. The top is fun, colorful, and the bottom is equally so.

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It prevents potential leads from taking the one desired action top 10 diet pills unknown landing page provides. I would fix this immediately as this kind of unprofessionalism does not reflect well on any business.

What I like most is that middle section at the top there: The large, encapsulated call-to-action CTA. When I see typos on landing pages the first thing I think is carelessness.

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Seeing these various trust factors allows visitors to believe that this is a legitimate business. As I said above, your weight loss landing page visitors are far more likely to trust your previous customers than they are to trust you. Green tea health natural weight loss small lead form landing page design Green tea health free subscription form modern and converting natural weight loss solution landing page design.

This headline is, already, a point in this provider's favor when it comes to competitive comparison.

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The free ebook is an unnecessary distraction, and is likely reducing conversion rates on the "start now" conversion goal. CoolSculpting What I like: I like the benefit list at the top.

What are they specifically getting out of those aspects of their business? A beautiful and optimized page, I love the white space here, which drags the reader's eye to the next section. I love the images - making what they're pitching look really appealing.

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If you can't get "before and after" shots of your customers, an inspiring, powerful woman like the one above is almost as good. By definition, you're a biased source of information when it comes to how awesome your business is.

The whole "Program Items" section could be an optional expand which isn't visible when you first arrive on the page. This is a serious problem if your form is down there. Looking at all of this text bunched up like this would be one of the main factors that makes me bounce from this landing page.

The typos in the landing page copy.

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Videos are a great way to quickly and simply explain the benefits of your product or service. Weight loss diet solution video lead gen landing page design Weight loss diet solution video lead generating landing page design for higher conversions.

I like its simplicity. The distracting amount of actions. Or are you out of ideas on how to optimize your landing pages?

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This shows that they are a well-established business. Natural and effective weight loss program small lead capture landing page Fast, natural and effective weight loss program best lead capturing landing page design for online marketing success. Four CTA buttons is totally okay, so long as they have the same destination.

While there's something to be said for gving your weight loss landing page's visitors every piece of information they could possibly need especially when you're selling something outright it should really be done with the option to "expand and read.


Weight loss pay per click converting landing page design High converting and beautiful weight loss free consultation lead magnet pay per click landing page design Weight loss free consultation lead generating landing page design Modern small lead generating form weight loss landing page design for weight loss free consultation.

I like that it's a question, and one which echoes what a lot of page visitors are saying to themselves. My criticism is that the form is at the bottom 6 simple tips to help you lose belly fat the page. Here are some of our best converting and latest weight loss landing page designs: The clear entry form.

The hero image the woman at the top is an inspiring and energetic one that I like. A more attention-grabbing or visually appealing image.

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A bit of is keto diet good for weight loss to the text would go a long way to make these sections a bit more professional-looking. Blue is a good color choice because it creates trust with the weight loss landing page visitor.

Weight loss program small lead form landing page design Modern, clean and appealing small lead capture form landing page design for promoting weight loss program. The use of white space. You say "out of people who saw the page, only 12 converted.

Whatever is going on with the font is not good. Brazilian weight loss formula risk free trial bottle order capturing lander Brazilian weight loss formula risk free trial bottle how to eat a balanced plant based diet order form appealing and converting landing page design.

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This page meets all the expectations of a modern weight loss landing page. I like the use of video - the information contained in those two videos as well as validation, as one of them is a high-profile interview couldn't possibly be contained in this landing page without overwhelming the visitor with text. The more you can get your landing page out there, the better.

Cacao—Over 20 studies have shown it to increase blood flow through vasodilation.

It's modern, give a lot of information without overwhelming the visitor and makes the diet plans look appealing with great images and specific details. I like the testimonials from chefs I'd like to see some from customers, of course.

Garcinia Max What I like: This page is bright, sunny, and the colors red, light green and yellow direct your attention where they want it to go. Trust factors are essential to have on weight loss landing pages The other various trust factors.

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The bottom footer links, as well, aren't helping anything. I'd recommend you create a new theme in your site which doesn't have the nav bar and footer on which to host your weight loss landing pages. Weight loss converting video sales page design Weight loss high converting and simple video sales page design.

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A lot of the time CTAs are hard to spot on the landing page, The pin-able image. My critique of this weight-loss landing page: Sometimes the littlest tweaks can make all the difference on your landing page. You can use our clean and best converting weight loss landing page designs to promote your weight loss product or weight loss program online and capture maximum attention and returning leads for your business.

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This page has way too much text in the middle section. I would cut more than half the text and break up these wordy paragraphs them up into easy-to-consume bullet points and use bold text. As mentioned above, videos are great to include on landing pages. This video is clearly not in the right place.

But the education area in the middle makes visitors nod off.