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Millions are like her. It was experiences such as this - of still having a life; of enduring through illness - that pulled her through anorexia.

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The implication is that we don't really have control over our lives, and certainly not over our appetites. Father Christmas, Falstaff and Friar Tuck are cheery figures, but today's fat are regarded as gluttonous, slothful and sad. Take the common potato: Her diet pills drugs are dimpled; her ankles swollen.

Everywhere in the developed world there are health clubs, personal trainers.

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They never feel full, whatever they eat. Ann has thought a great deal about why she became anorexic. And our attitude to food is rarely straightforward, particularly for women. Zizzi Pasta isn't always a no-no on a diet. There may require a different choice when dining out here and creamy dishes like korma, passanda or tikka masala are a bit of a no-no.

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She put on weight, was allowed home, and immediately starved herself again, then binge-ate, until she ballooned to 13 stone. But what should be so simple - eating less, exercising more; refusing that piece of pie, spreading a little less butter on your bread, one glass of wine instead of two - is actually very complicated.

Soon she was making herself sick - cramming herself with forbidden foods at night then vomiting, blocking the drains.

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Obesity is massively on the increase. But bulimia, she says, is both a hidden and an inadmissible illness.

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Also chicken burgers might be off the menu but there is always the Grilled BBQ Ranch Burger at calories, if the urge is too great. She says that of course people have always been judged largely by their appearance, but that it is now happening earlier and earlier.

Sometimes I would eat a lot. Weight loss chat rooms online the argument goes that we are not to blame for our obesity - it's the fault of the businesses that used all the temptations that billions could buy to put their food into our mouths. Be the first to diet for slimming zizzi about our latest products, tips, recipes, ambassador gossip, competitions and much more… We need you to confirm you are The mother says she cannot understand her daughter's obsession - she's never been on a diet herself; she diet for slimming zizzi eats normally.

She was drinking a great deal and at one point she took pills and vodka and went into a suicidal coma.

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But her daughter says that the cupboards are full of 'this drink to keep you thin'. At my children's swimming class, I watch a very fat boy waddle towards the water and enter the pool with an ungainly splash.

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At a tiny calories you can afford to add a few tasty sides to your order vaseline fat burning. In the US, as the average size rockets, the perfect size is zero. We have a relentless fast-food culture.