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I had no idea that one could offer anti-inflammatory and pain medication to cavies. It's seeming like a losing battle, so I'm again fishing for more ideas from GL members. Teeth are okay molars checked under anesthesia when we did Xrays and drew blood.

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There are many conditions that can cause a poor appetite, such as a urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, and bloat. This can be added in moderation to the staple hay as it is high in protein and fiber.

I did all that. If footpads of your cavy show signs of irritation or sores, something not uncommon in seniors, antibiotic ointment diet pills that make you jittery twice daily will help clear up minor problems. Fresh water encourages cavies to drink more often, which in turn helps keep them hydrated.

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Foot sores can develop into a chronic condition called Bumblefoot. WATER If your cavy seems to suddenly be drinking much more or much less than usual, check your water bottle first. This never occurred to me when I had guinea pigs, but fortunately it was never an issue because their cage only had one level.

All three of my guinea pigs started out as bundles of energy.


Just note that the more of this mix you use, use the oilier your pig will be and the more washings will be needed to remove it. If you notice that your cavy is suddenly eating less, you have a sick cavy and need to see a vet.

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With awareness and concern, many of their ailments can be treated or controlled. If this happens to your beloved cavy, keep the cage layout consistent following each cleaning. If you for any reason suspect a problem with the bottle, replace it.

First, there is a grease the best fat burners in the uk located how to help my guinea pig lose weight 1 inch above the male cavy anus. Here are some of the most common issues to look out for: Although, some fruits can aid in weight gain.

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  • All three of my guinea pigs, also called cavies, made it to at least age five.

We need to give them our best and cherish each remaining day we haveā€”as all proud guinea pig owners should! And she may be getting slightly stiffer in her back legs. The front teeth of senior cavies should be routinely examined to make sure they keep straight and even.


Further enhance the lives of cavies by paying attention to the below tips. Instead, massage him regularly with a damp cloth or pet wipes.

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As for what you should choose, it can vary greatly. In addition, check his nose for wetness, lips for sores, and feet for bald patches. Any changes in their body weight must be gradual so that their bodies can adjust properly. The easiest way to clean a grease gland area is to rub a little coconut oil on the area until the grease comes completely loose. And be sure your cavy is dry before you return him to his cage.

You therefore may need to change bedding more often.

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Many underlying diseases can result in weight loss and they should all be taken seriously. Source Fresh vegetables If you aren't feeding fresh vegetables daily, now would definitely be a good time to start if your guinea pig needs to gain weight.

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  • I had no idea that one could offer anti-inflammatory and pain medication to cavies.

Can you do it more often? In general, a healthy guinea pig's weight is cited as: Certain veggies like carrots and most fruits have a lot of sugar that can be harmful to guinea pigs, so use in moderation. My first developed an ovarian cyst. The vet did xrays and a urinalysis.

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Guinea pig weight range One extremely beneficial investment that everyone with small pets should make is a kitchen scale with values of grams, ounces, and pounds. If for some reason the teeth fail to grind down properly, eating can become painful and a vet should be consulted. For starters, you might transform a two-level cage to a one-level cage so that your cavy no longer needs to or is even tempted to climb a ramp.

They gave her a vitamin B complex injection and told me to hand feed her Oxbow critical care 3 times a day. The focus should be green leafy vegetables. The number one recommended piece of advice among owners of senior cavies is to choose a vet that specializes in small exotic pets; and, if possible, to find one that has hour emergency care.

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More than 4 ounces indicates the need for medical care. Also, with nothing to work against, the tooth opposite the broken one might overgrow and also need to be trimmed. Some boars have active grease glands that can be a challenge to clean. This will allow them to get used to their set up and make their cage easy to navigate with failing eye sight.

All this to say, she continues to lose weight. That for me was actually more of a frightening experience than the follow-up at the vet. If a guinea pig is not eating it is imperative to bring them to a vet one experienced with rodents.

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What causes weight loss?

Yes, her food especially her pellets should already stocked with Vitamin C. This hay is normally used for malnourished, pregnant, nursing, or young guinea pigs.

Malocclusion is a condition where rodent teeth have not been worn properly and overgrow. Contact Author As guinea pigs normally resemble plump and furry jelly beans in shape, it can be pretty distressing if they become underweight.

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She gets thinner by the day, and it makes me super sad, though I'm trying to stay positive. Cavy cheek pads can make getting at molars difficult and so a cavy might need to be anesthetized for a short time to safely trim or file the molars. It can also help with weight gain. High fiber hays are great for promoting gut health. As guinea pigs cannot synthesize vitamin C, just like humans, a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to many problems including lethargy, hair loss, and weight loss.

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I also appreciated having them feel content enough to watch TV with me and even fall asleep on me. While broken teeth usually grow back within a week or so, they may need trimming to avoid growing back uneven or jagged. If your cavy loses a companion, she may feel loss or mourn in a variety of ways.

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Do not try to force the process by overfeeding certain items. Finally, some cavies do simply lose eye sight as they age, so take notice as to whether they are bumping into things, startling more easily, or seem nervous after their cage has been changed around. Quick eye lose back fat in one month is needed to clear up the condition or prevent further damage to the eye.

How do you make them lose weight!

It was only recently that I learned that she may have lost her appetite due to pain, and so maybe medication would have helped. Timothy hay, orchard grass, meadow hay and botanical hay are some of the most common varieties used for healthy guinea pigs. Does anyone have ideas for us? Their average life expectancy is about five to seven years. Poor health in guinea pigs can worsen quickly and become life threatening absurdly fast.

On a similar note, how to help my guinea pig lose weight any areas where cavies might need to jump to reach snacks or toys. This is why it is so important to monitor and weigh your pets frequently when they are healthy.

Cruciferous vegetables can cause gas so they should be avoided or severely limited.

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