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  5. She was so large that she had to be cut out of her home and transported in a moving van to be booked on the murder charge.

Today, she weighs pounds, a far cry from her once "half-ton" weight. In fact, she could not move around the bed without someone helping her out. When she finally decided to get help, it took 10 men to move her from one place to another when she received medical treatment.

She had to lose pounds just to safely undergo gastric bypass surgery.

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The autopsy revealed that the child had suffered head trauma consistent with repeated child abuse. She tried to protect her sister Jamie by taking the blame for the death of her nephew Eliseo in Right now, they do not have a parent to take care of them.

Miss Rosales is in the process of getting custody of her sister Jamie's surviving children.

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Her attorney never believed her claims and suspected she was covering for someone. Nowzaradan saved my life. When Rosales cleared her name, she knew she wanted to improve her life in another way, too.

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She was diagnosed with lymphedema, ABC reportedwhich is swelling in the arms and legs due to lymph buildup. She soon made a decision that would give her a new lease on life. Her claim was proved false after autopsy results showed he died from multiple injuries to his skull, the Daily Mail reports. She's going to church in the prison.

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She added that her sister regrets what she did. She was accused of falling fiber supplements that help you lose weight the toddler and crushing him under her bed. Rosales admitted to killing the child but claimed it was an accident.

Incredible Weight Loss Transformation. From Flab to Hot, Mayra Rosales lost 850 Lbs

Mayra Rosales of Hidalgo County, Texas, was also accused of murder. She can be contacted at Get Fit with Mayra. She lost pounds in 10 days. It was a result of thyroid problems throughout her life. However, she still needed to lose more pounds to be able to get the lap band surgery.

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Once the face of a murder trial, Rosales now has a new lease on life after her dramatic weight loss journey. Before she started to lose the weight, Rosales said her organs were shutting down and now, after the weight loss, they are "perfect.

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She was so large that she had to be cut out of her home and transported in a moving van to be booked on the murder charge. Media attention[ edit ] Rosales has been the subject of intense media attention, both on the death of her nephew, and due to her massive weight.

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Faced with that evidence, Rosales finally told the truth -- that she had seen her sister abusing the child -- and she worked with her attorney to record Jamie confessing to the murder. She is now serving 15 years in prison. Transformed," which airs on Wednesday, Dec. Rosales initially took responsibility for her nephew's death, claiming that she had fallen and accidentally crushed him when her right hand slipped, while trying to pick the child up.

As it turned out, her sister killed her own son by beating him with a hairbrushand eventually the police figured it out.

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She also said she now eats a high-protein, low-carb diet consisting of a lot of steamed vegetables and no grease. When pressed to show defense attorneys how she rolled out of the bed and onto the boy's body, Rosales could only cry. Nowzaradan began working with How much weight can i lose healthily in a month to mayra rosales after weight loss 2019 her lose weight, and ultimately save her life.

I don't have high blood pressure, so I'm healthy. Rosales confessed, claiming that she had accidentally crushed the boy with her body as he lay under her bed. Once she had the gastric bypass surgery, she was able to lose even more weight.