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A post shared by shreyaghoshal shreyaghoshal on Jun 18, at 5: I did notice that after a while my body started to adapt to long runs and I began to plateau in my weight loss efforts. Gareth Jones - Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan I would never have found the truth about Atkins Diet without investigating for myself after reading scaremongering press reports. I did have to compensate for constipation, by using psyllium husk, but as I started adding more carbs fruits and vegetables after the induction phase, this is no longer needed.

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Bill Mielke, Canada Are you on a diet - or about to deepika samson diet plan on one? The daily amount of carbohydrates I was originally on makes me shudder now!

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Steven, Telford It is interesting that critics like Dr Susan Jebb never give any evidence for their remarks, they simply rest on their titles. How long have you maintained your weight loss and what are the most important factors for keeping it off?

People will eventually reach a saturation point In our industry, we always have phases.

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I was quite secptical about losing weight on the Atkins, I'm mean who loses weight by eating fat right? Your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone. What do you normally eat for snacks?

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My previous relationships have been talked about so much and in a very bad way, but Roya changed everything. So, yes, an acting debut at 40 is uncomfortable enough for me for now.

Melody Day's Yein Goes From 62kg To 47kg Folllowing A Successful Diet : News : KpopStarz Now we eat natural, non-processed food low in sugar and salt and that's wrong!

Melanie Gilbert, Chesterfield Denise is absolutely melody day ye in weight loss in every respect of her comments. Melody day ye in weight loss it and see but please read the book so you know what you are doing - too many say it doesn't work because they have never read the book and don't eat correctly Cindy - USA I totally agree with Denise. Shreya shares her love for all things organic and yummy with this post.

I want people to get over my weight and the loss of it.

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In the mid 80s I was put onto intensive therapy, injecting for everything you eat, and through that went onto a low ish carb diet and lost weight. I love squats and lunges but have also learned to appreciate push-ups, tricep dips and planks!

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Well, it's fab, that's my verdict! Now we eat natural, non-processed food low in sugar and salt and that's wrong! How has your life changed now that you have lost weight?

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Kirsty - Hampshire I started the Atkins Diet 22 JuneI how can lose belly fat in 1 week lost over 2 stone, I have never felt so good, I eat plenty of vegetables, and do not go hungry, The diet has stopped all my hunger pangs, has helped me to reduce my blood pressure, and also has like it says in the book how to slim down outer calves reduced my Arrythmia irregular heartbeat to a constant healthy rythm, The festive cheer is contagious, and Adnan Sami, for one, has definitely caught the festive bug.

I have been following the Atkins diet for six months now and I feel better than I have for years.

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Consumer demand will change the way things are now instead of slow-to-change medical advice. Over the years, I have seen our music industry go through all kinds of transformation.

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But what I had never seen coming my way was acting. By listening to a song, you can make out if the creator was using a word or explicit language just to sound cool. Exercise helps the process, so do vitiman tabs and lots of fibre.

People assume you eat cheese, sausage, bacon and eggs all the time with hardly any vegetables.

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My biggest challenge was finding the energy to workout 5 or 6 times a week while still maintaining a full-time job, personal relationships and obligations. Right now, we have people who use a bad word just so people talk about it and they survive on controversy.

Roya and Adnan Sami I fought the same battles every fat person fights I lost weight by consulting a nutritionist.