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If hood clearance is a problem, you can install a drop-base air cleaner that will lower the overall height of the air cleaner assembly which might give you some room to squeeze a spacer into. Spacers are added for a variety of reasons so there are a variety of spacers to chose from.

This was accomplished by running the engine in a single four barrel format. And in doing this, it was decided that three bench marks would be established with one being with the ECZ-A intake, the second being the ECZ-B intake, and the third being a Mummert aluminum intake.

Exhaust heat is passed under the cross runner of this unit.

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A crankshaft must be modified to fit in a or block. The lower picture is a ported Edelbrock intake manifold. Algon Fuel Injection Algon and Enderle were early competitors of Hilborn, who pioneered constant flow fuel injection systems. More on that series of tests further down the road.

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Y-block carb adapter remainder of the dual quad intakes tested on the iron heads still proves that adding dual quads to your mid-Fifties era modified Y-Block was a great power adder back in the day though. It may be the best flowing 3x2 manifold.

And nothing speaks old school as well as performance as a dual four barrel setup. And the response was overwhelming.


Note how the rear carburetor overhangs the rear port runners. Some tinkering with the secondary springs would have likely cured that but there was a chance in the y-block carb adapter the aged diaphragms so it was not attempted.

The pop-off valve is clearly visible in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. Next to try was a pair of Edelbrock cfm carbs.

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Watch the video below to see the dyno results for yourself. Base your decision on cylinder wall thickness over added material in main webs.

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Edelbrock Intake stock: Karol Miller had dropped by and when discussing the upcoming dual quad testing and showing him some of the carbs to be used, he pointed out that he had removed most of the choke horn cover from the Teapots that had been used for his record setting Daytona run in Thanks to all for the help as it would have been much more difficult otherwise.

This is their 6x2 manifold for the Y Block. Carb adapters were pill that makes you lose weight fast installed and a pair of cfm Steet Demon carbs were bolted in place.

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The down side is blocks are difficult to belly fat loss progression, expensive and have often been bored. Edelbrock intake on top and Edelbrock intake on the bottom. And this is where the testing gets even more interesting. Accepts most 3 bolt carburetors.

Note that it is a single plane manifold, a design probably selected for its low profile, useful in inboard boat installations. This valve relieves manifold pressure in case of a backfire, which would otherwise blow the supercharger off of the manifold.

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Interceptor This marine manifold used Carter YH sidedraft carburetors to keep the installed height to medi weightloss winter park florida minimum. Improved tubular pushrods were introduced about The plenum dividers had been completely removed and the only divider material that remained was in medi weightloss winter park florida runners themselves.

The intake ports in the early heads are a mismatch with them and will provide nothing but vacuum leaks. The is 0. The first order of business was setting some bench marks or base lines for the testing. Tawco 3x2 This manifold is occasionally seen for sale on Ebay.

The profile of the manifold is low for hood clearance.

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With the introduction of the new aluminum y-block carb adapter 4 barrel intake we're expecting a big improvement in the power potential of the Y-Block. If there is a choke point, it ideally needs to be at the intake so any differences in intake manifold design can be brought to the forefront during the testing.

Edelbrock FM This big port manifold was intended for use with the 57 — up big port heads.

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The next installment of the Y 2X4 intake testing has the iron heads off the engine and replaced with a set of Mummert aluminum heads. Y-block carb adapter the difference in the carburetor spacing. Edelbrock is the second best intake.

The aluminum heads are thrown into the fray simply to eliminate any questions in intake manifold performance that may be related to a restriction in head flow. Its ports match for 55 and 56 style heads.

Slight improvements were made in with deeper drilled main cap threads. For Edelbrock divided dual-plane manifolds, use Click on the pictures for larger images. These gaskets are so rigid, that when they are installed, an adapter is no longer needed.

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If you have plenty of room between the top of the air medi weightloss winter park florida and the hood, then you can add a spacer. And if you were replacing a single four Holley Teapot setup, you were taking giant leaps forward.

This was a stock unmolested intake and the testing started with the Lincoln L Teapots. These blocks typically don't sonic test as thick as earlier blocks. It is made in Australia for marine use.

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In order to gain access to y-block carb adapter of the runners, especially the transition points, he has machined the top y-block carb adapter the manifold, opened the runners, and then fitted an aluminum plate to the flat surface. This one is a long runner design coupled with a smaller plenum.

This dual quad intake test becomes much more complex due to wanting to also pill that makes you lose weight fast a variety of carburetor pairs to also discern if there was a performance advantage to the carbs themselves. Intake Manifolds Please note that this page is still under construction!

Edelbrock FM This manifold is the predecessor of the FMand is appropriate for the smaller ports of stock and Y Block heads. First on the list of intakes was an original ECG-D dual quad intake y-block carb adapter the factory supplied L dual quad model Holleys Teapots.

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Edelbrock FM This manifold was intended for use on 55 and 56 Ford and Mercury Belly fat loss progression Blocks, and its ports are sized for use on these smaller port compared to the 57 — up ports heads. Edelbrock M This manifold was intended for the Mercurywhich had smaller ports than the 55 and 56 Y blocks. Hilborn Fuel Injection These rare Hilborn Y Block units dos and donts for weight loss not be suitable for the street, but would be hard to beat for pure top end power.

Because the low end torque values were so dismal, this intake was tested only with the Lincoln L Holley Teapots.

Y-Block for 56 Ford It may be the best flowing 3x2 manifold.

Craine, and Bill Myrand. This manifold is best suited to the smaller ported 55 and 56 heads. And a variety of dual quad air cleaners were also provided to do some definitive testing on those.

Adding a spacer can help with mixing air and fuel, carburetor heat lose fat in neck and face, and compensating for an undersized manifold.

For most purposes a good block is your best bet. The most desirable heads for high compression use are the early 58 ECZ-G.

Holley/Edelbrock to Rochester 4G 4-Jet Carburetor Adapter Plate

Both offer a tremendous amount of tuning flexibility, and such a setup would look very nice on top of a Y. Ford EDB C Ford brought out this manifold as part of a dual quad kit that could be purchased from the dealer over the counter in Try to choose a carburetor in the to c.

Offenhauser An Offenhauser version of the 6x2 setup. Click on pictures for larger images. This manifold accepts late style Holley and Carter 4 barrel carburetors. This one is currently on the roadster running consistently in the 9.

These heads have the same intake valves and slightly larger chamber.

And the Mummert intake would set the standard for what a dual quad intake would at least need to equal to for matching modern day performance. The ECZ-A y-block carb adapter carb adapter would represent what the typical performance build would have represented in while weight loss dinner plan ECZ-B intake would represent a performance build starting in and what would be the standard for the next forty plus years.

Weiand Dragstar Weiand is also a maker that dates from the flathead days. Do pill that makes you lose weight fast attempt to use pistons with crank and rods. Also check out large truck engines, some of which came with a similar manifold.

While you can swap the gear and use an intake manifold adapter to mount the newer carburetor, you can't use the newer intake manifolds. Over time, these gaskets may need to be replaced.

These heads have the same intake valves and slightly larger chamber. Same casting as EDB Supercharger head, different number. And here are those bench marks: I know there are aluminum three-two barrel and dual four manifolds out there and while they have that trick hot rod look, none can match the performance of the Blue Thunder four-barrel intake. Almost any, or block can be used for performance use.

Note that the primary and secondary bores are arranged in such a way as ghrp 6 cjc 1295 fat loss allow carb mounting either in acetyl l-carnitine lose weight fore and aft or sideways carb mounting.

An adapter must be used to mount a modern Holley or AFB 4v carburetor. Homemade intakes are also a possibility here and some Y Block users have fabricated tunnel rams with some success. Intake valves are 1. These block typically sonic test thin at these bore sizes.

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Ted Eaton With the resurgence of the Ford Y engine making a comeback as a viable replacement power plant for more than just mid-Fifties Fords, there is suddenly a demand for both modern performance and old school looks being in the same package. Edelbrock Intake ported: Fenton DM I have no information regarding this manifold. The most common reason for these kinds of repairs are cracks formed by trying to install the manifold over the standard valley cover pan, which is too high to be used with the ford dual quad manifold.

These would represent three different performance levels depending upon the time frame or era that the dual quad intake testing could be referenced 4 kg weight loss diet to. Here you can use any Holley, Carter or Edelbrock carburetor from the parts houses, speed shops, or mail orders. If you need an adapter, there are better options than just buying an adapter.

And the final carb change for this intake would be a pair of L Y-block carb adapter Teapots with the numbers peaking at HP and This intake had extreme difficulty in loading the engine on the dyno at rpms. If you intend to purchase an ECG D manifold, always check the underside of the manifold for heliarc repairs to the exhaust crossover heat passage.

You can buy reusable base gaskets which cost more. After jetting and other adjustments, these two carbs peaked at HP and Many intakes were loaned and a multitude of carburetors were either loaned or donated to the cause along with a variety of carb parts and jets.

Edelbrock FM This big port manifold matches the ports of 57 — up big port heads.