One direction imagines you lose a lot of weight, #2 you overhear...

I rolled my ankles and turned my head, popping them as well.

One Direction Preferences ♡

Had you gained weight? I know what you think. You hear someone talking in the room, but you figure it was just Louis watching TV or something. I know what you said about those girls at the pool the other day.

Eventually Harry had to move on, which put you at ease until they started drifting your way. Zayn continued to bang against the door with no mercy.

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So, just tell me. You held up your shirt and looked in the mirror.

One Direction Preferences

Out of your control, is that the only reason why he never said anything before? I need to make noise to finish this meal. You turned away from him and faced the wall.

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Your heart started racing and you just stared mortified that they were making fun of you. That is until you hear your name. After you change, you both leave.

His scruffy hair spread around his head like a Halo. Because it's not true, so stop worrying, you're beautiful, just the way you are. You were feeling great, well, except for one problem. Even so each complement warmed you inside, and you could feel you heart softening. He nods and wraps his arms around you. One day right after eating a dinner at home with Liam he told you he had a surprise boat trip set up one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight the two of two of you.

Directioner Dreams — Preference # Pretty Hurts (Requested)

You calmed your breathing, until you could actually stand. You took out a one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight that you assumed was a gift card, but there was a name of a fitness center on it. Did your weight actually matter to him? He laughed and wrapped his arm around your waist. But before you go back to punching you turn back around to look at him again.

You gasp when you collide with a strong chest, firm hands grasping your hips to keep your upright and you look up.

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Your knees started to feel weak and you stumbled backwards. While walking back Niall looked at you and chuckled.

Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Harry -

You walk over to the sign-in sheet and notice one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight empty the gym actually was. He moves through the motions fluidly, moving on to the ab machine and you stumble on the treadmill when he lifts his legs upwards.

isn't he lovely? We love it ahaha.

He looked so worried, and disappointed. You looked down at your arms, they looked like sticks, you bit your lip in anticipation.

He smiled and put out his out his hand for you to hold. I know what everyone thinks of me, and I want to change that. Are you sure you want to wear that? Was that his way of basically saying you were too big to wear that?

#2 You Overhear Him Talking Negatively About Your Weight (Requested - Part Two)

Pushing yourself against the wall you started to have a nervous breakdown, unable to stop the sobs and tears from consuming you. After he left Niall entered the room, and weight loss diet tips in kannada down on your bed. One night after a concert, you and Harry were back at the hotel and he was trying to get intimate with you, but you pushed him away.

I just wanted to warn that they have bad intentions. You glance down at the tie-dyed spandex shorts, sleeveless t-shirt, and Nike tennis shoes and feel completely out of place compared to the girls in bodycon dresses and heals.

So strange that you actually look down at your sweats worried that you stuck out too much.

Preference #24: You Feel Too Skinny

He led you outside right where the group of fans was waiting. Harry just nods and shrugs.

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I turned to look at him, and met his curious eyes. He continued to call your name until calls turned to yells, and yells turned to screams, and screams turned to sobs, until his throat was sore and all he could do was quietly beg you from outside the door. I stumbled a bit when he let me go. You took off your cover up and then went straight into the pool.

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Once you realized what you were doing you quickly looked up, hurt, to land your eyes on Liam who was staring back. When you got back to the hotel room that night, you immediately took to your side of the bed. You were convinced this wasn't a good idea anymore.

He ran downstairs, and his heart was lifted when the smell of bacon wafted around him.