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Uva Ursi Also known as Bearberry, Uva Ursi contains a compound known as arbutin, which has been shown to exert strong diuretic effects in the body. Drinking one to two cups of coffee may act as a diuretic and help you lose some water weight in the short term.

There are only a few studies on its effects in people. Well I have a Athletic body shape, Im 23, 5. Yes, even more than coffee or Red Bulls.

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Real healthy gains will show in the reduction in your waist and hips, this is what you're looking for. Excessive intake can flush out vital electrolytes, which are needed by your body, leaving you feeling week due to electrolyte imbalance.

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In theory, natural diuretics may help relieve fluid retention by making you urinate more. They are available as pills as well, but it is always better to treat yourself naturally instead of relying on chemicals.

Despite its conventional use, very few studies have examined it Eating potassium-rich foods can increase urine production and decrease sodium levels, reducing fluid retention Urtica Dioica More frequently found under its easier to diet pills ana mia name, stinging nettle, urtica dioica is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant offering a wealth of benefits to you that extends beyond eliminating excess water.

Natural Diuretics Do Not Burn Fat

Some herbs and dietary supplements may help you excrete water diuretic and help with sodium and water retention. Hibiscus Hibiscus is a family of plants known for producing beautiful and brightly colored flowers. One study in rats found that giving caraway extract in liquid form significantly increased urine output over 24 hours This may be a good thing, as most modern diets are very high in sodium and low in potassium, which can cause fluid retention 8.

Hibiscus may have a mild diuretic effect.

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However, there are no human studies, so more research is needed. Its effects in people and animals with normal blood pressure are unknown.

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Dandelion extract is a popular herbal supplement thought to be a diuretic due to its high potassium content. Overall, little is known about the diuretic effects of dandelion in people, so more studies are needed 4.

Im very short and even 1 extra pound is obvious on my petite frame. Ginger It can be taken in the form of ginger tea or just simple ginger infused water keep it overnight to infuse the flavours well.

What are Diuretics?

September 14, Lola I hope you can answer to me, I try to be positivo cause I never get replies! I diet and exercise but nothing. One small study found it to be as effective as the diuretic medication hydrochlorothiazide.

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So far, some lab and animal studies have indicated that it may have a mild diuretic effect 15 Celery Celery has coumarin, which helps to prevent high blood pressure as well as in cleansing the system by excreting all unwanted water in the form of urine that is retained in the body.

However, this is the only study on the diuretic effects of caraway, so much more research is needed before proving its diuretic effects, especially in humans. Yes do cardio, it's good for your heart. This means that the diuretic effect is only likely to occur in people who do not regularly drink tea 3.

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Rash Headaches In the extreme cases, most often experienced in the world of bodybuilding, abuse of diuretics has resulted in several unfortunate and untimely deaths, not to mention the countless hospitalizations that have occurred in the days leading up to a big contest. Carrot juice works as a miracle in maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar levels, thanks to its potassium content.

Increase your magnesium intake: Who Should Use Diuretics?

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Keep in mind that herbal remedies can also contain varying amounts of their active ingredient, so their effects can vary. Horsetail Best diet on the market used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, horsetail is an herb used to treat a variety of conditions including everything from ulcers to tuberculosis.

Including some of these foods and drinks in your diet may help with mild fluid retention.

Interestingly enough, horsetail can also be brewed as a tea, if you prefer to drink your diuretics. This has can you lose weight mentally attributed to its caffeine content However, no human studies have examined how effective parsley is as a diuretic.

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Next audition will be for summer camp in 1 month and need help! However, it has not yet been proven effective in a human study.

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More pertinent to our discussion of its pro-diuretic benefits, stinging nettle helps remove remove excess sodium and water from the body by increasing urine flow. In Moroccan medicine, caraway is also used as a diuretic. However, the actual potassium content of dandelion may what does fat burner pills do, thus so may its effects 6.

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It is a great spice for improving our immunity and clearing the system, with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and fibers all packed into one. Magnesium is an electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance.

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But there's little — if any — scientific evidence to prove that these herbs or supplements have diuretic effects, so you may not find them effective. Research found it to exert antihypertensive blood pressure lowering and diuretic effects comparable to prescription grade diuretics.


Many times it is also referred to as a "cleanse" drink when added to a glass of water. It eases digestion and relieves bloating.

  1. But proceed with caution before taking any products that have a diuretic effect.
  2. Natural Diuretics to help you lose water weight (or flush out excess fluid)

Standing on the scales is disheartening, because as you lose fat and gain muscle and you go up in weight before coming down. Carrots Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that facilitate detoxification in the body, which in turn helps the system to discharge all the toxins. Diuretic Foods to Include in Your Diet Some diuretic foods that you can incorporate in your everyday meals are - 1.

Research has shown that dandelion increases activity of the kidneys as well as frequency of urination.