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You also can limit the veggies if your bunny doesn't start losing weight. Keeping your pet bunny cooped up all day is a surefire route to rabbit obesity. If there are changes in colour, consistency or amount, consult your vet.

Is My Rabbit too Fat or too Thin?

Myxomatosis is a viral disease that is often fatal, although milder forms sometimes occur. They are eaten daily lose leg fat before and after passed, often during grooming at night, and contain essential nutrients.

Exercise Exercise is a key part of weight loss. If you think that your pet is unwell, contact the vet immediately — tomorrow might be too late. Ask the vet to show you how to do it. It is spread by biting insects such as fleas and mosquitoes, and by contact with an infected rabbit. Fleas are not a big problem, but rabbits can get dog and cat fleas so get a suitable weight loss rabbit from the vet if you have other animals.

Please enter a valid email address Oops! In the diet section: When people think about a pet rabbit's diet, they are likely to think mainly of food pellets. Hay Hay or grass is the healthiest food for rabbit's it's what their digestion system is optimised for.

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Fruit and carrots, too. Rabbit coat and ears Check the coat for scurf, dandruff, or itchy sores, and look in the ears for crusty wax. But protect them from predators such as cats. It needs reapplication every ten weeks, and you must still check your pet daily.

Maintaining food intake is vital or further how can i lose weight off my legs fast may follow. Be sure to buy pellets with 18 to 20 percent fiber and between 14 percent and 16 percent protein. Weighing Your Rabbit It is much easier to identify changes in your rabbit's body weight using scales rather than visual cues.

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  2. There are many ways to do this.
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  4. Pet bunnies with a short coat need grooming weekly, or more often if they are long-haired.
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You need to get him out of the cage an hour or two every day and encourage him to run around and play. Sadly, in severe cases, euthanasia weight loss rabbit be necessary. A very underweight rabbit will have depressions each side of the pelvis and spine. My first thought is his teeth, this is probably the most common cause for rabbits losing weight.

You can also purchase 'postal' scales which have the read out screen detached from the weighing plate - these are more expensive so probably only worth it if you have a lot of rabbits you need to weigh regularly.

You also can provide some toys in his crate for him to chew and enjoy.

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Alfalfa is sometimes fed alongside hay but it's higher in protein so should only be feed to rabbits that need extra calories such as growing babies. It is a good idea to weigh your bunny monthly. Not weight loss speed up tabloid sensation — sadly, this is often all too true. Last edited by nessar; at Small quantities of high-fibre pellets are a better choice.

Check the rear end for soiling by faeces or urine and offer different types of soft food, including fresh grass if possible, or try bits of apple or pear. In the warmer months, all rabbits — even indoor rabbits — are at risk from attack by maggots.

Is my rabbit too fat or too thin? Monitoring Your Rabbit's Weight

The goal for weight loss in rabbits is a slow steady decrease not a sudden drop. Rearguard, a liquid treatment which is applied to the rear half of the rabbit to prevent fly eggs from hatching, is available from vets.

I think you mean kg instead of stone, what weight was he, and what is he now? They are very palatable, provide a wide range weight loss rabbit vitamins and minerals and are a much healthier option than pellets.

Make sure plenty of hay is available.

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Exercise your rabbit Rabbits need daily exercise — preferably outdoors — to keep their bones healthy. You should serve your adult pet bunny about two to four cups of leafy greens daily for every five pounds of body weight.

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In all cases, prompt veterinary treatment is needed. Limit fruit to no more than two ounces for every six pounds of body weight. The next big issue is quantity.

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Rabbits that cannot clean themselves properly because they are overweight, arthritic, longhaired, have poor balance, are elderly, have a large dewlap, or suffer weight loss fat burning 12 hours disease are particularly at risk. So how can you keep your pet rabbit in shape? Posts 8, Is he eating his hay, pellets and veg all up, especially the hay, as much as usual? Many store bought treats are high in sugar and fat and can play a big part in weight gain.

Vaccination, as with all vaccines, does not guarantee total protection, although vaccinated rabbits are more likely to survive the illness. Avoid dusty hay and strong smells — clean out the hutch regularly.

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At least 85 percent of a pet rabbit's diet should be a grass hay like timothy, oat, or barley. The condition is called fly strike. Avoid having stagnant water in your garden and use mosquito-proof screens on hutches.

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An adult bunny only needs one-quarter cup of pellet feed daily for every five pounds of body weight. An overweight bunny also can face problems performing an essential part of their diet — rabbits produce a type of night feces called cecotrophs, which are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and they need to eat some of these feces to be healthy.

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For example, you can use a peg to hang leaves encouraging your rabbit weight loss speed up stretch to reach them. If your rabbit is obese, you should cut out the pellets and fruit completely. See the vet if your rabbit has a runny nose, eyes or breathing difficulties.

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How to Help Your Rabbit Lose Weight An overweight bunny must lose weight the same way an overweight person does — by eating right and exercising. Diarrhoea will caffeine make you lose weight a visit to the vet, immediately if it is severe and the rabbit is unwell. There is sometimes a distinct line between new and old fur.

Alfalfa hay is also acceptable, but keep in mind that it must be doled out because it has more protein and calories than grassy hays. Most vets dont know much about rabbits weight loss rabbit they are classed as exotics. High sugar baby foods should be avoided.

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