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7 Ways to Lose Weight Gain Caused by Medication

There's no evidence that these drugs harm nursing kids. And I think that it tends to rev you up a little more than some of the others, so it might not be a first choice if anxiety is part of your concern. I did not experience weight gain with either of these medications. I myself was your weight loss aid Zoloft about five years ago after having been in therapy for a year or two and feeling like my psychological problems were getting harder to manage as we uncovered more.

It's unclear whether the medication itself or a combination of lifestyle changes, underlying conditions and other factors is to blame for weight gain in patients taking Zoloft. Around 2 percent of adolescents lost more than 7 percent.

And I gained twenty pounds, which If i eat too little will i not lose weight am still struggling to lose a year later because of metabolic slowdown. I think I may have lost a few lbs. I've decided to stay with these meds till baby is weaned, but after that I want to discuss trying something else for depression. But I'll certainly take the weight to avoid the anxiety!

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I was surprised when I started on Lexapro to find that it didn't affect my ''mind'' so much as it my body. Everyone reacts differently to medication and has different struggles with post-partum weight loss, of course, but you might want to look for something else contributing to the weight gain. Pudgy people can parent.

Underweight women may have irregular menstrual cycles and reduced fertility. I was on 50mg for over a year and it was a lifesaver with no negative side effects whatsoeverbut the past few months I've gradually felt some of my old anxious tendencies coming back--though some of it might be seasonal affective disorder too with all the depressing weather and viruses going around.

Knowing that this complication could occur can help you make necessary lifestyle adjustments to prevent it or deal with it effectively if you experience either one. But, I am also terribly frustrated with my inability to lose the weight I am gaining on this medication.

Zoloft & Weight Gain or Loss

I have an acidic stomach from it so I take pantoprazole to help. Best wishes to you.

  1. So, hang in there - the weight must be a hard byproduct to handle, but i would really encourage you to find a good counselor who can help you make the transition in six months to a year, when you feel ready.
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Even if I did gain weight, my outlook, mood why cant i lose weight on zoloft parenting are so much better now, I'd continue taking the antidepressant. I'm not as good as you about the exercise, but I do complain about the extra lbs, and wish they weren't there.

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My doctor and I did the research, and decided that the Celexa was safe. Like the thoughts were there, but I couldn't get to them. I am craving sweets and carbs and never feel satisfied or full. As soon as I stopped taking the medication, my body is now feeling like itself again.

I have actually lost weight on this.

realistic body fat loss in 6 weeks why cant i lose weight on zoloft

I've lost weight since giving birth, although that may just be my luck. If the sertraline is making you feel good, i would not stop it. Real depression is way beyond the depression of weighing more than you'd like. I believe now my depression was organic, in other words it was in my body. BTW, diet and exercise have little to do with weight gain I had thought my weight gain was still just leftover from my pregnancy.

Sertraline - Anyone seen tremendious weight gain ?

I did not experience a weight gain, but I did experience fear and when I did finally stop, I was ready and fully supported by a good therapist. Lovin' life on Paxil Oh yes, we who are on this drug can verify the weight gain.

Are you sure that Zoloft is the only safe one? Hormones and genetics are mighty. I don't want to sound like a commercial for the drug companies, but I have to say, I should have done it years ago.

According to eMedTV, 7 percent of children taking Zoloft experienced weight loss of greater than 7 percent of their body weight. I think people assume I'm still carrying around my pregnancy weight i'm notand, as breastfeeding moms, we tend to be a bit heavier, right?

Good luck to you. I really don't know about lipitor. I think the side effects vary by individual, so if you feel you need them I certainly wouldn't avoid them because of fear of weight gain -- there might not be any, and you can always lose a few f body weight loss later if you have to.

She said that there was another group member in the same boat who was doing well how can i lose weight on zyprexa asked me if I'd like to speak to her. Signs and Symptoms Weight loss is often preceded by appetite loss, nausea upon eating, and disinterest in food preparation and consumption. Then two years ago I started crying uncontrollably overly emotional so I went back on it and the weight gain persists.

I was calm and I felt like nothing in the world could hurt me. As with other SSRI's, weight gain is a possible side effect, but it may be worth consulting your MD to see if it's worth trying to see how to lose body fat why cant i lose weight on zoloft jogging this side effect is lesser for you than with Zoloft.

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Hope you find something that works for you. To me it is worth it and it is all I can take because I am nursing. You need to choose the one that works for you, not the one that might not effect your weight.

Weight Gain on Antidepressants | Berkeley Parents Network

A woman is looking upset while stepping on the scale. If weight changes are persistent or severe, your doctor may adjust the dose of medication or prescribe other treatments. And my son seems fine. I am currently trying to lower the dose because I really cannot get any fatter-I can't stand it! My stomach in particular is gross, and my thighs lumpy.

Eating less does not cause fat loss. A similar thing happens for extreme dieters.

My doctor says the average weight gain with the use of Paxil is twenty pounds in the first year!! Even if you eat conscietiously, my experience is that following an established program like Weight Watchers is much more effective. Once a week I weigh myself.

Hoodia Gordonii Hoodia gordonii is a type of succulent plant traditionally used by indigenous people in southern Africa as an appetite suppressant. They can help with the digestion of fats or sugar and the maintenance of balanced blood glucose levels, which might keep you from feeling cranky and in need of a quick caffeine or sugar fix.

Many people I know have gained weight on them. I am trying to find other ways to deal with the depression, such as exercise, getting enough time to myself, do things that nourish me. Or cocktailing it with another drug. Actually, I didn't really have any emotions either way. I have now stopped the Zoloft and am beginning the journey of losing this weight by diet and exercise. I'm 54, but pretty active.

Perhaps you could slowly lower the dosage and see recommended over the counter diet pills that helps? I started on 50mg at the end of October and by December I was on mg. Don't beat yourself up. Don't give up breastfeeding OR Zoloft before you explore all the options!

There are other meds out there that do not cause weight gain. When you are depressed, you are in pain and you see life through a veil of pain.

Why do some drugs make putting on extra pounds more likely?

I'll gradually start switching over. It has NO weight gain effects. JA Janet 27 Apr I just spoke to my doctor about this today. If you can find a copy of the book ''Medication and Mother's Milk'' by a dr who's last name is Hale you should be able to find information on the safety of other medications.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and low-fat dairy products are excellent choices for a healthy diet. Normally by February I can lose the usual lb holiday weight gain. The remedy is cheap, though. Personally, I took Prozac all during pregnancy, and Zoloft during 20 months of breastfeeding.

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Newly overweight mom I just want to say that whatever you decide, please don't go off the Zoloft cold turkey. Shallow shallow person that I am.

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It scares me since I'm on an even keel and mentally feeling good, but, my fat clothes are getting tight! This probably isn't the most helpful answer, but I just wanted to share my belief that it's important to maintain your mental at this wonderful but difficult, hormonally precarious time!

She only prescribes Paxil to those with eating disorders, because of the weight gain why cant i lose weight on zoloft. Weight Watchers plan for nursing moms helped some but mainly it was time. Poor dietary choices, such as eating foods high in saturated fats and sugars, are a major cause of weight gain for many people. You should definitely talk to a psychiatrist, not just a primary care doctor.