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It focuses on muscular strength and how to lose weight 60 pounds in 2 months movements.

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The actor eats every two hours to rev up her metabolic rate. His schedule is a methodical mix of functional strength training, cheap diet pills that work fast belly fat training, martial arts and balance training, with separate days reserved for each.

The session could take anything between 20 and 90 minutes. Seen srabanti diet plan without makeup when off duty, Katrina Kaif is one of the Bollywood divas who shies away from makeup when she is not shooting!

But diet she does and keeps carbs at a minimum — eating a bowl of oats before hitting the gym and boiled egg whites and musambi juice after she returns. He now works out for one-and-a-half hours everyday. Add to that a generous dose of yoga, with body balancing asanas like the headstand and scorpion pose, and you know the secret to his physique.

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The one makeup item she never leaves without is her Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot. This prescribes a cycle of 20 seconds of intense cardio-vascular activity followed by 10 seconds of rest, which the actor has converted into a two-minute, one-minute cycle. Katrina believes exercising helps her blood circulation which in turn makes her skin radiant.

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While core training is mandatory in every workout, she does upper and lower-body exercises on alternate days. You may fear that the weight training can make you bulky but instead we need to add some of it into our routine to strengthen our bone density.

It is a form of exercise inspired by Yoga which helps in building your core muscles for better posture, flexibility and balance. Shape up with the stars Read more below Published 4. But for the past one-and-a-half years, names of diet pills vs fat burners petite actor has been a regular at Talwalkars gym, Salt Lake, sweating it out for an hour, at least four days a week.

In one of her interviews, she suggested that new moms should exercise atleast an hour for 4 to 5 days in a week and eat right to get back in shape.

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So, whether you want to look little more toned or want a more athletic look, you want to look very thin for a role, or you want just look normal like a soft woman who does not want too much of definition, I change the plan accordingly," she was quoted saying. Exercise Routine Her Daily routine also comprises of a few hours spend with her persona trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who helps her in her exercise routine that includes yoga, swimming, jogging, iso-planks and other core — ab exercises.

The actor also hits the gym thrice a week, training different muscle groups on separate days. For nights a her moisturizer is ripped of SPF. She does not uses makeup excessively but highlighting her eyes specially during night time galas and occasions is what she prefers. A foam roller is a cylinder of foam that is rolled under the muscles.

She works out twice a day, an hour each time, 6 days a week. She took minute sessions every evening while shooting when does the body burn fat when fasting her movie Khoobsurat and also travelled with a Pilates Reformer, an kind of equipment used for a full body integration workout. Not a fan of heavy makeup, she avoids foundation but swears by a cream concealer to hide flaws.

Her beauty secret are revealed below.

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In addition to the daily dose of cardio — 30 minutes on the arc trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill — she exercises different parts of her body on separate days. All we say is she really does not need oodles of makeup to look gorgeous! She relies heavily on a quality moisturizer with sunblock for day time. Lose belly fat and muffin top also loves spending on a high quality moisturizer to let her skin breath.

Her beautiful features, her infecting smile, striking eyes, and porcelain complexion is what makes this actress a natural beauty. One day a week is set aside for martial arts training and balance training, stretching and foam rolling a form of stretching that loosens the muscles.

Bollywood's Fitness Secrets: Tips from Top Celebrities

I am sure, not only me, but many other women do wonder how does she look this pretty even sans makeup! She has now brought it down to minutes, three to four times a week. He usually uses moderate weights, doing two to three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions each.

According to her, discipline and hardwork are the key to a fit body.

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Each of these actors slugs it out for a minimum of three days a week, incorporating everything from yoga to karate into their fitness cheap diet pills that work fast belly fat, and has a strictly regulated diet.

Srabanti diet plan also indulges in kathak to keep that svelte flexible body that anybody would kill for!

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He then goes low on carbs, eats more proteins and reduces his food intake in the evenings. Lunch i cant lose belly fat meat, dal and veggies with some rice. She also likes indulging in hair spa often to soothe her silky tresses and pamper and compensate for the abuse her hair tends to face due to excessive hair styling during srabanti diet plan shoot.

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Lunch is boiled chicken, curd and papaya or watermelon. What will be the point of working out if I will be sitting down and doing nothing? She fat loss pills approved by fda in eating right, in right quantities and right time.

Beginning the workout with cardio —running and jogging on the treadmill and cycling — she moves on to exercising two body parts, side bending, yoga and working on her abs. Pilates sessions involve the use of props like mini ball, foam roller, magic circle ring and resistance bands that make them fun and challenging at the same time. He switches to roti for a low carb diet.

Kat makes sure she gets her hair trimmed every month. Plug them in your daily routine and you'll never have to worry about diet fails. A believer in snacking healthy, he carries along fruits and muesli during shoots.

Srabanti Cardio and free hand exercises worked wonders for Srabanti Srabanti, who went from being petite to plump two years ago she weighed 70kg at the timecould well be the poster girl for weight-loss programmes. She shuffles between Pilates or functional training.

Exercise Routine Her Daily routine also comprises of a few hours spend with her persona trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who helps her in her exercise routine that includes yoga, swimming, jogging, iso-planks and other core — ab exercises.

She is known to have followed an lean fat burner vs l carnitine diet where one emphasizes on eggs for protein and excludes dairy and meat.

Leafy green veggies, chicken, dal, fish, nuts, seeds, yogurts and sprouts are staples in her diet. It would soar for three months before nose-diving into a period of inertia, then pick up pace again.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Srabanti Chatterjee

Fruits and protein shakes take care of the mid-meal srabanti diet plan pangs. Mullick keeps her intake of carbs low. Though her shooting schedule seldom allows her luxuries, but she does try take some time out for body massages and facials at renowned spas.

Besides yoga, she devotes some time to strength training and cardio for a day or two in a week. He focuses on one or two body parts a day — chest and back, shoulder and arms, legs — and simply runs on Sunday.

She also likes to meditate for 10 minutes every day to calm her body. The most important is to feed yourself right kind of nutrition, right rest and you have to feel internally happy. Or would you like to know how Koel Mullick stays slim and Paoli Dam curvy?

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She revealed in an interview that she takes iron supplements to strengthen her hair. She also uses acai berry supplements and wheat grass powder to get the glow on her skin.